Vegetation buffers

If in doubt Stop and Shout! Connect downpipes as soon as possible to reduce the amount of stormwater on your site.
  • Keep as much vegetation on site as possible.
  • This will reduce dust and sediment generation and act as a filter to remove sediment from run-off.
  • Keep a vegetation strip (buffer) along open drains, swales or waterways to trap sediment runoff from site.

How native plants can work on your site

  • Provide shade
  • Help stream temperatures
  • Reduce weeds
  • Prevent erosion
  • Help reduce flooding
  • Provide wind breaks
  • Provide food and a place for wildlife to live and move through
  • Stop mud and run-off reaching the rivers and streams

For more information read this:

Riparian zones (PDF: 962 kB)

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