Site stabilisation

If in doubt - Stop and Shout! Avoid disturbing or exposing more soil than you need to. Cover and stabilise areas as soon as possible.

    Available options:

  • Compost (flat /sloping sites)

    Compost works well on sloping sites. Spread the compost over exposed areas, this will stabilise the ground and act as a base for vegetation.
  • Grass seed (flat sites)

    This is the ideal option over spring and autumn months. Ensure you water to maintain it.
  • Hydroseeding (flat/sloping sites)

    You will need to contact a local contractor to provide this option. It provides more immediate protection.
  • Straw mulch (flat sites)

    This can be utilised for a short-term measure through winter and summer when grass seed growth is slower.
  • Turf/Ready lawn (flat sites)

    Easily laid on a well-prepared level area. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Continue with on-going maintenance.
  • Wood mulch/wood chip/bark chip (flat sites)

    Wood mulch/chip/bark can be used as cover for exposed areas and can also be utilised for landscaping. They are more suited to level sites and can handle a small amount of disturbance.
  • Material coverings (flat/sloping sites)

    Use well-pegged or tied-down tarpaulins, plastic sheeting, geotextile or fibre matting. These all provide protection to soil from wind and rain.