Sump protection

If in doubt - Stop and Shout! Install erosion & sediment control measures (bunding, sump covers and silt fences) before works begin.

For best effect, to prevent run off of muddy/silty water into
gutters and drains, combine the following three measures:

  • Bunding

    The drain is surrounded by a sediment sock/tube or sand bags, which traps sediment but still allows water to flow through to prevent flooding.
  • Covering

    This must be well secured to prevent water seeping through. If the drain grate can be lifted, place a sheet/plastic under it and hold in place by the grate.
  • Catch pit (Sump protection)

    Install a specially designed bag inside the drain sump which catches any dirty/silty run-off but allows water to flow through.

Not suitable for concrete and paint wash water.
These measures should be checked daily.

Steps to install catch pit/sump protection