Sediment/silt fences

If in doubt – Stop and Shout! Plan and install sediment fences before you start work on your site – not when you realise there’s a problem.
  • A sediment fence is a barrier to stop silt and sediment run-off leaving a building site
  • Always put the sediment fence across the down slope to stop run off. See website for more information.
  • Regular maintenance is required, especially on hill sites, and before and after rain events
  • Check for damage, sagging, torn fabric, broken support wires or waratahs, under-cutting and any signs of weakness which will need immediate repair
  • If you think the location of the silt fence on a plan is wrong, contact the plan designer to discuss amending the plan - there is no point installing a silt fence if it isn’t going to work.


How to install a silt fence?