Diversion of clean 'runoff' from site (bunds)

Diversion bunds should be formed to help divert clean stormwater (around the works area), to prevent run-off on to open or disturbed ground.
  • Diversion bunds can be made from a raised edge of topsoil/turf, 300mm or higher or compost sock of similar size.
  • Any diversion channel should be stabilised and have a well pinned geotextile fabric lining or grassed.
  • Re-direct clean stormwater run-off from above your site and across more stable areas such as grass into the nearest kerb and channel, or into a roadside swale to avoid extra stormwater running through your site and causing problems.
  • If you direct the water into the local stormwater system or straight into surface water, there are limits on how dirty the water is allowed to be.

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