Preconstruction planning and site layout

  • Read and understand the consent conditions for the site project.
  • Create an erosion and sediment control plan and a waste management plan. Make sure you tell all contractors and tradies on site what their responsibilities are.
  • Show and explain the erosion and sediment control and waste management plans to all staff on site.
  • Avoid exposing large areas of land at one time and keep land disturbance to a minimum.
  • When the building is finished, make sure the site is stabilised and won’t cause problems with run-off and dust when you leave.
  • Spend time to make sure the erosion and sediment control measures are installed correctly and in the right place. If the plan is wrong, speak to the project manager and change it so that it does what it is supposed to do.

Useful documents:

Erosion sediment control guidlines

Erosion sediment control plan

Erosion sediment control plan example

Useful websites

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