Working with concrete

If in doubt Stop and Shout! Take the time to plan and use the right system and ensure the wash water/waste is contained and/or removed correctly.
  • Concrete waste water is toxic. If it reaches streams and waterways, it will kill fish and plant life. Dilution is not an option. It would take 1 million litres of water to dilute 1 litre of alkaline wastewater back to a PH of 6-7.
  • Check the weather. When possible choose a dry day.

Read the brochure for more information:

Concrete Washwater (PDF: 2.5 MB)

Exposed aggregate driveways (PDF: 1.9 MB)


Open this link: for a list of code compliant operators who will provide you with a waste track receipt and ensure your waste is disposed of correctly.

For general waste disposal enquiries go to the WasteMINZ website:

Or contact your local council:  

Waimakariri :