Other trades clean-up options

If in doubt – Stop and Shout!

Advice for plasters, stoppers, tilers and other

trowel trades

  • Try to reduce your waste by only preparing and using the plaster/stop/grout/coating etc you need for that job.
  • Scrape clean your tools into a waste bucket/tray/cardboard box and when full, recycle or place in a work trade waste bin/skip.
  • Leave tools overnight to dry off and sand before using the next day.


  • Wipe clean tools using a damp chux/towel/cloth kept in a separate small bucket old container.
  • If you have to use any wash water, contain it in a bucket and leave it to settle.
  • Pour off settled wash water into another bucket and USE it to make your new mix.


  • Pour off small amounts (up to 5 litres) of separated water to a sewer connection (tub/trade waste connection).
  • Leave solids/sludge to dry or harden off before disposing as per point 2.
  • If you are generating large amounts of wash water, check your clean-up methods and/or contact your local council to obtain a Trade Waste Licence.
  • All specialist materials and products needs to be disposed of as per the manufacturers’ instructions.