Hazardous waste disposal

Manage your waste and save some money! Create a Waste Management Plan.

Hazardous waste can cause harm to people and the environment, even in small quantities. It can be risky to store and dispose of hazardous waste because it can have dangerous properties like toxicity, flammability, corrosiveness and eco-toxicity. You need to make sure that any hazardous waste on your site is managed in an appropriate way.

If you do not handle and dispose of hazardous wastes correctly, you could have your worksite closed, be ordered to clean up (at your own cost) risk your site becoming a contaminated site and/or end up being fined or prosecuted.


Hazardous waste includes (but is not limited to):

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If you have hazardous waste on your site that you need to dispose of, you’ll need to talk to a qualified hazardous waste disposal contractor. A list of code of compliance-certified contractors can be found here.

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